For the past several years I talked about hosting a beer mile and cookout for my friends. It was scheduled for April 10 2020. We had a quarter mile loop measured out in my backyard, and plans for a firepit, campout, and overall party. 


Fast forward to March 2020 and Covid -19. We understand the severity of what is going on in the world, and as someone with elderly parents who I love very much, social distancing is very important to me. BUT I STILL WANT TO RUN A BEER MILE, DAMMIT! 


And that is where you come in. Instead of just holding this for our small group of friends I AM OPENING THIS UP TO THE WORLD! Whenever you want in April run a beer mile!  Run it after you're done working from home, run it twice, run it in the morning when you first get up, live stream it, HAVE SOME FUN! This was made to have a little fun, while the world is in dark times.