A beer mile consists of consuming beer and running. You run 1 mile or 4 laps (or 4 quarter miles) and drink a beer before each. The beer must be empty before you start running a lap. Your time starts with your first beer and ends when you finish your last lap. If for some reason you can not hold your beer down a penalty lap will be rewarded. This too will count for your overall time. 


The sequence will look like bellow:

Beer, quarter mile. Beer, quarter mile. Beer, quarter mile. Beer, quarter mile. Penalty lap if needed (note the penalty lap does not require a beer).  

We will be following all official Beer Mile Rules which states the beer must be at least 5% ABV. If you choose to run with a cider/ hard seltzer/ wine cooler (okay mom)/ wine/ less than 5% beer,  please note it and we will add a separate results category

Run a Beer Mile this April


Start Line

You can run this wherever you feel comfortable and wherever is legal. If you are lucky enough to have a quarter mile track in your backyard, use that! If not please consider a DD or in walking distance to your house.


Want to live stream and post pictures, please do and have fun. Make sure you tag us on Instagram and Post in the Facebook group as well! 


Please do not be a hazard to yourself. Drink responsibly. Hydrate and fuel pre and post run. 

Don't be a hazard to yourself and others. Stay out of the road. 


You are responsible for your own health and safety. Mixing alcohol and running is a dangerous idea. Make choices that are best for your body.